Tennis Courts

Looking to build a tennis court in your home or cottage property? We can walk you through the process of choosing the best base and style, and then build a tennis court that’ll see years of action and enjoyment. We’ll help you understand the amount of space you’ll need and choose a location on your property that suits you.

And yes, we can build a tennis court on your island property!

Q: Can I build a tennis court on my island property?

A: Yes you can, as long as you have your permits in place. Our qualified staff can look after obtaining all your permits.

Q: What is the typical base of a tennis court?

A: A typical base for a tennis court is 150 to 300mm of granular A depending on the subsoils, and then 50mm of limestone screenings for levelling the surface for paving.

Q: How much room will I need to build a tennis court?

A: The playing surface of a tennis court is 18.3m x 36.6m. However, you should allow for a little extra room for the machines to work.

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