Shoreline Construction

A functional shoreline not only helps beautify your property and enhance resale values but can also contribute to your waterfront enjoyment. Our experienced team has helped hundreds of cottagers and rural residents maximize their properties while addressing concerns related to erosion, access and docking. We’ll help you understand and obtain all the necessary permits and choose the best time of year for construction considering the weather, water levels and the environment.

We can recommend the best products for your unique shoreline. From armour stone to limestone to gabion rock and more, we’ll present a variety of products and price options for your property.

Q: Will I need a permit?

A: Yes, whenever you work around any body of water you will need to obtain a work permit. Our qualified staff can look after obtaining all your permits.

Q: When is the best time of year to begin a shoreline project?

A: Depending on the body of water you are working around will determine when you can start a shoreline project.

Q: What alternatives do I have for reinforcing my shoreline? What products should be used?

A: Armour stone and sloped rocks are two methods for protecting a shoreline.

Q: What is “gabion rock” and when is it used?

A: Gabion rock is a round rock between 150 and 200mm in diameter. Typically this rock is placed at the toe of an armour stone shore wall to create fish habitat.

Q: Can I build a beach on my shoreline?

A: Yes, you can. But remember to get your permit.