Septic Systems

We offer complete septic system installations – our team of machine operators and truck drivers work diligently and carefully to help make way for your new project. We utilize recycling practices, and can also assist you with understanding the process and permits required.

Q: What are the main components of a standard septic system?
A: The most common septic system is called a Conventional Septic Bed. It is also referred to as a Tile Bed, a Leaching Bed or Leach Field. It consists of two basic components: a septic tank for solids and scum, and a tile bed for the effluent to drain into.

Q: What is a “Tertiary” system and when it is used?
A: A Tertiary septic system is a septic system that complies with the Effluent Quality Criteria as regulated by the Ontario Building Code (OBC) table This waste has been dramatically reduced in strength from a normal residential strength waste count of 120-150mg/l BOD5 to a mere 15 mg/l.

Waste exiting a Tertiary system is reduced to about 1/10 the strength of what regular residential strength waste is! Because of this, leaching bed sizing is reduced to 1/3 of what a conventional system would require, and in some instances, it is 1/4 the size of a conventional bed!

These systems are typically used when you have limited space available or truly care about the wastewater entering the environment.

The OBC has approved over a dozen different companies to produce Tertiary Treatment Systems such as Waterloo Biofilter, MicoFast Systems and Bionest Systems just to name a few. Let us help you in making your choice for what system works best for you.

Q: What maintenance does my septic system require?
A: An on-site sewage system professional should inspect the system and clean out your effluent filter every year, and a licensed sewage hauler should pump out the septic tank every 3 to 5 years to remove the solids and scum.

Q: Will I need permits for a new septic system? If so, can you help with the process?
A: If you are installing, repairing, upgrading or replacing you will need a permit. Let our professional staff look after obtaining all of your septic permits. All you have to do is provide us with the required documents.

Q: What’s the best finish for a septic system? Grass or sand?
A: Topsoil and grass are the best finish for a septic system.

Q: Can I park vehicles over top of my septic system when it’s finished?
A: No. You should NEVER park a vehicle or trailer on top of your septic bed.