We can help you plan and execute your entire landscaping project from start to finish. We’ll help you choose interlocking stone and other materials suited to your property. We can recommend soil types for flowerbeds and lawns and plan, lay thick topsoil for sod and plan for proper drainage. And we’ll show you some awesome flagstone in a variety of shapes and sizes for your patio and walkways.

Q: How do I prepare the base for interlocking stone? What is the best material to use?

A: Firstly, all deleterious material like topsoil is removed from the site. Then usually 100 to 150mm of limestone screenings are levelled and packed making your site ready for the placement of interlocking stones.

Q: What soil do you recommend for flowerbeds vs. lawns?

A: Triple mix works best for flowerbeds, and screened topsoil is the best choice for lawns.

Q: How thick should the topsoil be in preparation for sod?

A: A typical thickness is around 75 to 100mm.

Q: Do you stock various sizes and shapes of flagstone for patios and walkways?

A: Flagstone comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes for all of your patio and walkway needs.