Boathouses not only serve to protect your valuable boats and watercraft but also can support waterfront access, docking and storage needs. They can be a beautiful addition to your cottage that is both functional and appealing.

Drain Bros. can support the construction of your boathouse with expert advice and service. From onshore excavation and site preparation to water access work from our barge, our team of skilled operators know boathouses!

Check out some of the examples below – we`ve done countless projects on Stoney, Kasshabog, Clear, Jack, Chandos, Round and Belmont Lakes to name a few!

Q: Do I require a permit?
A: Yes, you need a permit. But let Drain Bros. take the hassle out of obtaining a permit. Our staff will look after gathering all the pertinent information from you and assembling your application and dealing with all of the governing agencies.

Q: Am I restricted to a particular size of boathouse?
A: Yes, your municipality will have by-laws determining the maximum size when building a wet or dry slip boathouse, and the Trent-Severn Waterway has a maximum size when your boathouse is over the lake bed.

Q: What time of year?
A: Depending on the body of water, but usually between July 15th and March 15th.

Q: Can I excavate my shoreline to make room for a boathouse?
A: Yes, you can, providing that you have obtained all of the required permits. Our qualified staff can look after obtaining all your permits.