Barge Rental

Got a shoreline construction or land development project going at your island property? We can provide barge rental, materials, products and services, a boat captain and a whole plan to execute the project from start to finish. Home and cottage projects are our passion, and island projects are even more exciting. Contact us about scheduling a barge rental and island project.

Q: How do you charge for barge rental? Hourly? Daily? Weekly?

A: Barge rental is charged at an hourly rate. Contact us to discuss your barge rental needs.

Q: Will you supply a driver/boat captain?

A: Yes, we will supply a barge operator. Our barge operators are licensed and have worked on various lakes in the Kawarthas.

Q: Can I have soil delivered to my island property by barge?

A: Yes, we can deliver a wide variety of materials to your property.

Q: How far in advance should I typically call to book a barge rental?

A: The earlier the better. Barges usually book up quickly early in the season.

Q: How much can they carry?