Armour Stone

Armour stone is a beautiful, functional addition to any large landscaping project. It’s ideal as decorative material for your cottage shoreline, pool borders, gardens and pathways. And it’s an excellent material for building retaining walls and steps. Armour stone adds an element of luxury and sophistication to outdoor leisure areas.

We own a variety of quarries where we produce our own armour stone, natural steps, granite and limestone in a variety of sizes and thicknesses. We offer the economical supply, delivery and installation of a wide range of armour stone products.


Q: Are there different colours of armour stone?

A: Armour stone is typically a limestone grey, but we do get some with a slight brownish tinge to it.

Q: Do you stock different thicknesses and sizes?

A: Yes, we carry a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes.

Q: What is the proper base for an armour stone project?

A: Typically we use 300mm of a 2” clear limestone.

Q: I’d like to use armour stone for my shoreline. Are there permits required? If so, can you assist with the application process?

A: Yes, you always need a permit when working around the water. Our qualified staff can look after obtaining all your permits. Just provide us with the required documentation and off we go.