Aggregates are commonly used for drainage applications in septic fields, retaining walls and roadsides. They also help to make up the base material in the construction of roads, sidewalks, curbs, foundations, parking lots, driveway, shorelines and railroads. Both coarse and fine aggregates are designed for use in asphalt and concrete mixes and a wide variety of construction materials.

With quarries located throughout the Kawarthas, we offer economical supply and delivery of a wide range of aggregate products including limestone screenings, A gravel, salt and pepper stone, red granite, filter sand, screened topsoil, brick sand and more.

5/8 Crusher Run

2″ Crusher Run

Granular A – 3/4″ Crusher Run

Brick Sand

Traprock Screenings

Red Granite Screenings

Rose Granite 3/8″

Rose Granite Stone 1″

Salt and Pepper Stone 3/8″

Salt & Pepper Stone 1″

Peat Moss

Cattle Manure

Cedar Mulch

Triple Mix

Screen Topsoil

HL3 Stone – Limestone – Class 6

HL8 Stone

Limestone Screenings

3/4 Clear Stone Limestone

Filter Sand

Traprock 4.75mm

Traprock 6.0mm

Traprock 12.5mm


Q: What’s the best product for my cottage driveway?

A: 3/4″ crushed limestone works great for cottage laneways.


Q: What should I use underneath interlocking stones?

A: Limestone screenings.


Q: Is there special sand for beaches and sandboxes?

A: We carry beach sand and A brick sand – both are great for little hands.


Q: What aggregate product is ideal for pathways?

A: A pea stone or any other smaller diameter stone works best for pathways because it won’t track.


Q: How is triple-mix different than topsoil?

A: Triple mix is a mixture of topsoil, peat and manure.


Q: What materials/products should be used for backfill against my new cottage foundation?

A: A 3/4″ washed stone is needed for filling around the footings and partially up the foundation wall, and then sandfill.